LRS-4KA 4K UV Projector

The FlexLight LRS-4KA provides the highest resolution, smallest 5.4u DLP technology available.

The  LRS-4KA an extremely high resolution DLP® based stereolithography sub-system designed for additive manufacturing of highest resolution parts in combination flexible build area and high building speed. The LRS- 4KA system offers 8,3 million addressable pixels and projects UHD-4k images using an optical actuator. It is specifically designed for static implementations in additive manufacturing systems.

The system includes an UV LED light source and a UV-optimized optical system. In combination with the actuator supported high resolution DLP660 chip, the light engine offers a long lifetime and competitive costs.

The system is configurable with different LED options as well as off-the-shelf or custom designed imaging lenses at different magnifications

The LRS-4KA Light Engine is an advanced and extremely competitive plug-and-play system/module that will enable customers to design, build and brand a Rapid Manufacturing machine with a very short time to market and at very low technical risk.

The LRS-4KA Light Engine comprises Keynote Photonics’ advanced LC4KA-EKT Controller.


  • Pixel pitch of 65 - 95 microns.
  • Short Standoff Distance (500 mm)
  • Build area from 204 x 115 mm to 245 x 138 mm.
  • Texas Instruments DLP660TE (2716×1528).
  • API and development GUI (Call for Linux and OSX support)
  • DisplayPort or HDMI input.
  • Direct Access Pixel shift actuator support.
  • Trigger Input and Output
  • 8 M addressable pixels with optical pixel shifting.
  • 17 degree tilt angle for high-efficiency optics.
  • 4 kg
  • Up to 3. 5 W UV power at 405 nm.
  • 380, 385 and 395 nm LED options.
  • 12 VDC input

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in