LC4500 Controller


Controller for DLP4500 chipset with DMD flexcable.


The Flexlight 4500 product family is a production-ready, full-featured implementation of the Texas Instruments DLPC4500 chipset, which includes the DLPC350 and 0.45" WXGA DMD.   The system is fully compatible with the TI LightCrafter 4500 API and user GUI developed by TI for the DLPC4500 chipset. In addition, a MSP430 micro-controller is integrated on the main control board, allowing customized configurations and modes of the DLP chipset. Several digital and analog GPIO can be programmed for a fully customized DLP controller solution.

The DMD is mounted on a separate board connected to the drive board with a 7 cm flexible cable.  You may prefer to purchase an optional 30 cm cable, enabling you to locate the drive electronics away from the DMD and optics.

The LC4500 controller also provides a direct interface for the popular BeagleBone development platform based on a AM335x ARM® Cortex A8 processor.  So if you select the Pattern Expansion Module (PEM) option, we attach a custom Beaglebone-Green daughtercard with pre-installed PEM firmware.  This provides you with the capability to stream patterns created in real time to the projector. You can learn more about the optional BeagleBone processor daughtercard at
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in
Cable Length

7 cm, 30 cm

PEM Module

Included, Not Included