SKU: LC3000-G2-PI.



LC3000 Lightcrafter with integrated Raspberry PI interface.
Shipping begins July.

The LC3000-G2-PI from Keynote Photonics is an upgraded industrial projector solution based on the TI Lightcrafter, designed specifically for applications which benefit from a small yet bright and rugged solid state lighting source. The LC3000-G2-PI is customized to integrate the popular Raspberry Pi for enhanced pattern sequences and system control. The Raspberry Pi can be mechanically integrated as shown or remotely placed via HDMI and a flex control cable.

The LC3000-G2-PI is software compatible with the LightCrafter API and optimized for production deployment in machine vision and other applications where structured lighting or precisely controlled illumination is a necessity.



  • Enhanced RGB LED light engine with up to 100L light output.
  • Short Focus supporting 150 mm stand-off distance
  • Focus Locking mechanism.
  • High speed patterns using the native DLP3000 resolution (608 x 684)
  • Up to 4000 Hz binary pattern rate
  • Up to 120 Hz 8-bit grayscale pattern rate
  • Display images or video up to WVGA resolution (854 x 480)
  • Raspberry PI system control application and GUI compatible with TI DLP LightCrafter API
  • Full module and sub-module solutions available
  • Configurable I/O trigger for synchronizing with cameras, sensors, etc
  • 1.9 Throw ┬áRatio
  • Raspberry PI adaptor board (PI not included)
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in