Keynote Photonics announces the release of the 2nd generation FlexLight LC3000 series that supports the well-known Raspberry Pi platform at a breakthrough price of $499. The LC3000G2-Pi is compatible with the Texas Instruments Lightcrafter API. It becomes the latest, most cost-effective platform for 3D machine vision and is also suitable for retinal scanning and other advanced light steering applications.

Keynote includes a Raspberry Pi application that allows users to fully customize the operation to support any 3D measurement or other light-steering design. Users are also free to develop their own applications to control the LC3000G2-Pi using the Raspberry Pi processor board.

“Customers can take this platform and build a complete embedded solution using its robust processing and flexible interface capabilities,” said Adam Kunzman, President and CEO.

Keynote also introduces the LC3000G2-PRO, which utilizes the same architecture as the original TI Lightcrafter design while using an enhanced brightness pico-projector light engine. This platform provides a seamless transition for those customers using the existing Lightcrafter platform which is now moving to end-of-life.

The LC3000G2-Pi and the LC3000G2-PRO are powered by Texas Instruments’ DLP3000 chipset, which enables reliable, high speed spatial light modulation with pattern rates over 4 KHz. In addition to enhanced brightness, the LC3000G2-PRO offers a factory focus lock solution, a 140-mm short-focus standoff, and forced-air cooling. Initial production has begun with general availability slated for March 2018.

Three configurations are available:

LC3000G2-Pi: This cost-effective platform can be directly used with a Raspberry Pi Zero or Pi 3 processor and includes the Keynote pattern controller software. The kit provides everything needed to connect and power a user supplied Raspberry Pi.

LC3000G2-PRO: This production-ready solution is a complete industrial projector with up to 100 lumens of light output. It consists of 3 sub-assemblies: a driver board with TI DM365 DSP, a 100 lumen WVGA light engine and an optional 3-channel LED driver board for up to 200 lumens of monochrome brightness.

LC3000G2-EKT: This complete electronics controller is ready to integrate with any customer-designed optical system. An optional 10 cm DMD flexible cable is available.

Availability and Pricing
LC3000-G2 series is available now, with a suggested starting retail price of US $499 for the LC3000-G2-Pi. To order and learn more about these products, please visit . Additionally, you can experience the LC3000G2 series in person at SPIE Photonics West, from January 30th in San Francisco, CA at the Keynote Photonics suite. To schedule a meeting, please send a request at our contact page at or e-mail us at